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Need to take on one of the lead role-playing games on the market and have fire-breathing dragons under your control? Do you feel like you deserve the title ‘Dragon Master’ of the entire world? Accept this challenge and prove that you can get the title with Dragon City – App Store and Google Play app for Android and iOS devices accordingly.

Can I fancy a 3D gameplay?

One attractive feature of Dragon City is the quality graphics used. Notably, the app uses 3D characters, and the dragons are perfectly animated. Despite the high-quality graphics, the game still functions well and does not get jammed or make your mobile device heat in any way. While this may not significantly determine whether the game is bad or good, it is still a reassurance that the developers of the game are dedicated to ensuring you have an adventurous and enjoyable gaming experience.

The game involves building your Dragon City within the floating islands. You will also fill it with farms, buildings, habitats, and ultimately, dragons. Your key role is to train the young dragons to transform them into impressive beasts whose principal role is to provide defense as you fight other Dragon Masters in the same quest in the PvP arena. One essential activity in the Dragon City is breeding. You can also hatch your own rare hybrid by combining the dragons of Nature, War, Fire, and Legend alongside other additional elements.

Every week, new dragons enter the game through the special islands and breeding events. You will be required to complete the entire Dragon Book with over 700 dragons to collect and breed. The Orbs are also an essential feature of the game, and they can help in summoning the magical dragons, done at the Tree of Life. To collect exclusive dragons, climb the leaderboards, and claim the Warrior’s Chests, you will need to compete against other Dragon Masters at the PvP arenas. The game also allows you to build a beautiful fantasy city for fellow players to see when visiting you.

How comfortable it is to play the game

One interesting fact that I find interesting in the game controls is how straightforward and convenient they are. Even a new user would still manage to navigate. The controls are a representation of the ideal controls for this kind of game. Additionally, the quests do an excellent job of walking users through the basics of habitat building, purchases, and hatching of eggs, raising young dragons into adult ones, and the breeding itself.

The replay value of the game is in the fact that you can connect with numerous players across the world. Additionally, the fact that players can earn experience points from the first time they feed their dragon is a plus. The latest version of the iOS and Android app offers additional enhancements with higher replay value. For instance, the Arenas offer a new reward. So as you beat other dragons, you will earn a Warrior’s chest with precious Orbs. The best Dragon City warriors also receive more rewards.

Dragon city is a free get, and you won’t pay a dime to use it. However, you will need to purchase additional in-app items. If you find the feature unattractive, you can disable it by turning it off on your Google Android device, iPad, or iPhone. While it may be discouraging for some players, the purchases can be really essential if you are looking to have the best gaming experience. However, for players to get the most out of the game and the purchases, always remember to keep the game updated.

Is it the game you really need?

If you’re a gaming fanatic, then Dragon City is a must-have on your handset. The dragons are adorable, and it’s also rewarding for players to earn experience points for participating in many activities ranging from feeding the dragon on day one to clearing brush. Notably, the screen gets a bit busy, and it seems the game offers lots of possibilities for the things you can do with the dragons. However, the learning curve is steeper, so it may take a while for you to understand how the app works. Overall, the straightforward interface, sharing features are appropriate for this genre of games. I would recommend this exciting game to anyone looking for a thrilling simulation game.

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