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Hello, guys! Nice to meet you on my blog! Let’s get acquainted!
My name is Julia, I’m a creative 20-years old student. I work a little as a freelancer, and I study design at one of the universities of Alabama. My passion is writing and gaming! And I go mad about simulation games. This interest was formed when I was a little girl, and my father presented me the Sims on my birthday.

This game became my favorite one – I adored creating personages, building houses, and leading my family through life.

I have also always been keen on writing, and I think I’m quite good at it (at least my parents say I have a broad imagination! LOL).

In my childhood, I was tied to my PC, but now I can play the games everywhere on my smartphone and I can enjoy my favorite Sims wherever and whenever I want! Isn’t it great?

So I decided to turn my hobby into something useful and I’ve started to write my blog, sharing my impressions about the games I played, especially my beloved simulators. I hope my reviews will turn out to be helpful.        

So if you are interested in simulation games as I am, take a cup of hot tea or coffee, and I’ll tell you about my favorite ones.